Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's been a long time!

I cannot believe that I have not posted in nearly 2 months.  It's definitely been a struggle.  I didn't do well at all adjusting to working.  Having to leave Oliver everyday is really hard and I miss him every second of the day.  As it usually does, time is helping, and I am thankful to God for what I do have.....a wonderful husband, beautiful children, a roof over our heads and food on the table.  Only God knows how close I was to having things falling apart had I not gotten my i am also thankful for just getting a paycheck.

Work is actually going well.  I was quickly able to pick up almost right where I left off, which is good.  I made it past my 90 day probation so that was a plus.  Only 3 more months until my first review.  I'm working hard to make sure it's a good one.

I am so proud of myself....I spent the last 2 hours watching The Biggest Loser and it was a totally awesome episode.  I was inspired to get in a workout.  So I did...40 minutes later I'm sitting here sweaty and hot....icky.  I HATE being sweaty but I keep trying to think that its that many less calories in my body :)  The last 2 days I've eaten a healthy lunch and dinner and I've got in some exercise during lunch time.  Tomorrow is going to be no exception.  I can do this :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Steps

I am in the process of making baby steps regarding my goals for the year.  This is one of them....clearing my head onto this blog. 

One of the steps was going back to my weight watchers meetings.  I went this past week and unsurprisingly I had gone up.  Well, when you don't track your points that is exactly what overeat.  And there isn't enough exercise in the world to compensate.  As I learned once before, you have to walk 200 yards (the equivalent of two football fields) just to burn off one M&M.....not one M&M.  Craziness.  It's amazing how so much hard work can go up in smoke with a splurge of M&M's.  To make it worse I didn't really do any better tracking this week.  Actually I haven't eaten much at all.  My appetite seems to have vanished altogether the last couple of days.  Despite that I can still feel my weight going up.  I will never get to my goal if I keep letting this continue. 

One positive of this week is that I am almost done with all of the cub scout preparations that I do.  How did I get myself into this I wonder?  Because ultimately I wanted Joey's experience to be a positive one.  I wanted him to have a great time and I wanted things to be organized so that other parents would also feel more informed and less stressful.  At times it seems that no matter how much I do it is completely unappreciated.  There are few people involved that no how much work the small group of us put into running the pack.  Yet there is always my new theory is that anyone that complains needs to take matters into their own hands and do it themselves.  Want something done differently or organized differently?  Then take it over!  Come up with a new way of doing something and implement it.  I don't really need compensation or gratitude for what I do.  A lack of complaining is sufficient.  I still have a chunk of stuff to do but not compared to what I did have.  The first meeting is this Thursday.  I'm just hoping things go well for Charlie as he is so nervous.  Talking in front of people is not his forte but he does a fabulous job.  I really should tell him that more often.

In my haste to finish all the scout stuff though my house has become a disaster area.  It is getting to the point of unliveable (at least for me) and I must do something about it.  I'm starting at the basics...15 minutes.  You can do anything for 15 steps.  One of the reasons my baby steps were postponed though was because Oliver was sick sick.  He had a bad fever that would not go down with medicine and ended up needing to be home for 2 days.  Charlie took him to the doctor and got him an antibiotic.  He has a sinus infection and ear infection.  Poor thing was SO fussy.  he couldn't sleep and was in pain from the fever.  It made for two very rough nights for me and Charlie.  Thankfully he finally slept most of the night last night and seems to finally be feeling better this morning.  But having a needy baby means  no housework.  Obviously Oliver is more important but anyone who would come over would probably be appalled.  And I have to remedy that situation.  I can't live with it anymore.  After school shopping today I will commit 15 minutes to cleaning.  I did actually do this yesterday with great results in the kitchen.  All the dishes got done and the counters cleared off of junk mail, floors swept, so it was back to being presentable.

Well, my head is killing me today so I'm going take a break from this and rest.  Some breakfast might help the headache so we'll try that next.  Something in the points so that I don't go over :)  I would actually like to have a loss at the meeting this week. Sometime too I'm going to have to get a few pictures up from my recent outings.

Monday, July 26, 2010


This will probably not be a long post.  I realize it's been FOREVER since I updated this but life has taken a big turn.  I had to make the difficult decision to return to work.  Finances were just not where they needed to be for Charlie and I to take care of our family.  I want to have more kids.  That was not going to happen in the financial state we were getting into.  I also have an expensive scrapbooking hobby and got myself into a hole with credit cards so here I go....back to work.  I was EXTREMELY fortunate to get my old job back and it is going pretty well so far.  I am picking things up quickly.  For my own sanity I can't tell anyone where I work.  It doesn't always get a good reaction since what I do is considered evil by some....but that's the way it goes.  I work in collections so people that owe money don't like me. 

I also just got back from vacation in Gatlinburg.  It was really nice to spend some time with my family.  My niece Kaylee was so adorable and smiley.  She was so fun to play with!  Oliver did pretty well, despite the fact that he continously left me presents in his diaper!

I am under all kinds of deadlines for scouts as I don't want to be thinking about the scouting stuff that needs to be done after this week.  I want to get it done and sent to a printer where all I have to do is put it in folders ready to hand out at the first meeting.  YAY!  I am making good progress but its not easy to try to fit all this in with work and kids and Oliver.

Hopefully I'll make it to my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow since I haven't been all month. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So first the good news...

I had my weigh-in.  DOWN 2.6!!!!  I am so super excited and it was incredibly motivating to finally be making some progress.  Hopefully next week will also hold a good number provided that I do what I'm supposed to do in the meantime.  I also went home and walked on my treadmill for another 30 minutes.  So now three out of four days I've done some exercise.  And to really make my night, the Biggest Loser finale was on.  I just love that show.  Hopefully when it starts again in the fall I won't be starting where the contestants do :)

And now not so good news....

I took Brianna to get her physical.  She is fine and healthy, but I have to take her to get an x-ray on her back.  Two years ago her pediatrician told me there was a very slight curve to her back.  So slight that she wasn't even sure it was there but not to worry and just have it looked at at her next physical.  Well, she's grown quite a bit and apparently her slight curve has gotten much worse.  The doctor estimated its about 9-10 degrees off.  When she pointed it out it because obvious how uneven her shoulder blades were and I cannot believe I didn't notice it sooner.  She said that the growing is what would have made it so much more obvious.  So we need to get Brianna an x-ray just to make sure that the curve isn't too much and she'll get another x-ray every year after that to keep an eye on it.  But she has scoliosis.  It's not too bad though cause worse thing that would happen would be that she might have to wear a brace at night while she sleeps to keep it from getting worse.

So that was my day yesterday...on top of dealing with a super moody baby that did not get much sleep.  I ended up putting him to bed at 7:15pm.  Boy did I have a ton of time last night to do whatever I wanted.....which I spent walking on the treadmill and then relaxing watching the Biggest Loser finale.  And to make it better he slept until 7:15 this morning....a whole 12 hours!  And he's in a much better mood today thank goodness.

Tonight is choir practice which is the highlight of my Wednesday.  I just love to sing.  There is almost nothing more fun to me than singing and I do it ALL the time.  I love music.  Time to get back to my day.  Laundry to fold and my bedroom to clean :)

Monday, May 24, 2010


This may turn into mulitple posts of reflections but here is the start.  I have had a long day.  Oliver did not sleep long enough and was super cranky.  I did not have the energy or desire to do any of the chores I needed to do around the house.  Finances are seriously depressing me as I ponder going back to work but then I wonder how I'm going to pay for daycare.  I've pondered moving as well but I'm not sure we'd even be able to rent something as cheap as we bought our in the meantime we make do.  It just makes focusing on anything positive difficult. 
On top of it, tomorrow is weigh-in day again.  I was actually very good this week.  I only went over my points and had to use my weekly allowance once.  I got in over 2.5 hours of exercise, which is a good start to forming a habit.  Yet somehow I still feel like I'm going to go to my meeting tomorrow and have gained again.  How can this be, I wonder??

Part of it is probably my lack of medication in a few days.  I have completely forgotten to take it.  But despite that, I was still able to get some of the house picked up, laundry done, bed made, and fit in some exercise.  So its not like I sat around all day doing nothing.  It's not even 9pm yet, and Oliver is in bed asleep and the other two are playing quietly.  I could do some crafting but I already squeezed some of that in today too and I think I just feel like being lazy for the rest of the night.  I have to wonder do people do it?  How is it that there are moms out there that really are like super moms that can seem to keep up on everything??  I'd love a few tips....My next chore is to tackle the master needs a good does my bedroom.  I always put those rooms off until last because no one but me and Charlie ever see them and I think they have been put off enough. 

I am trying to keep up my motivation to accomplish my goals.  It is definitely not easy.  Time seems to be slipping away while I make next to no progress.  Life seems to continually get in the way.  I know God hears these things in my head and is constantly throwing me signs that things will be ok, but I really need to get my head in the right place. 

There is a scripture that seems to be constantly popping up in my life here lately....
This is from the Contemporary English Version of the bible which I like because it translates the text into words I can understand......Philippians 4:6-7

6Don't worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God. 7Then, because you belong to Christ Jesus, God will bless you with peace that no one can completely understand. And this peace will control the way you think and feel.

And so I pray to please help heal my heart and to give me the strength and courage to make it through each day as I need to.  And as always, thank you for my family who mean the world to me.  I love them all dearly and am incredibly blessed.  Thank you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Whose idea was the first sleepover??

I just let my daughter have 6 friends over....six 11 year old girls.....loud girls.....yes, I was glutton for punishment.  I spent all day cooking and baking and ended it with a pounding headache.  Overall I think it went well.  The pinata was a huge hit and the girls got all hopped up on chocolate.  I'm not sure how well they slept, but that's the beauty of having a long house....put them at one end and me at the other and I didn't even have to hear them :)  Now I am just waiting for them to head home.  I hope Breezy appreciated it because it was expensive and a lot of work!

The weigh-in Tuesday did not go well, but I am hoping for better results this Tuesday.  I have been much stricter with what I've had this week.  And I'm going to get a ton of exercise collecting for the Crusade for Children....I just hope people are home to donate!  It is a seriously important charity effort...and as I just found out they are really short on help.  That is sad considering how much this helps people, especially children to get the treatment they need.

I guess its time to get this day started.  I'm in need of a shower and some breakfast.  I miss Oliver already.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recovering from the weekend

What a weekend....I was exhausted!  Saturday went very well for the Ladies' Tea at church.  I enjoyed myself a lot and I was even pretty responsible when it came to my points.  I picked Oliver up in the afternoon and when I got him home he was unbelievably cranky!  He just threw fits and temper tantrums on the floor.  It was mentally draining since I didn't know what to do for him.  As best I could tell, he was just really tired.  Charlie was supposed to be home to help me but he ended up detained at a scout function for 4 hours instead of one.  When he did make it home I was exhausted and Oliver magically cheered up.  By then it was like an hour to bedtime.  At least he slept all night.

Sunday was another exhausting day.  I was trying to let Charlie rest from all the work he did for scouts on Saturday so I tried to take care of everything....laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning.....I finally passed out on the bed after hours of running around.  In addition, I still have May DT projects to complete, Breezy's birthday favors, a birthday card for my sister and I have to buy her a gift....eek.  Not mention I'm glutton for punishment since I'm allowing Breezy to have six friends over to spend the night....six girls that I'm sure once they all get together it will turn into wild children.  I hope hope hope its nice outside Friday so they can run around out there for awhile and get some of their energy out.

I will have to say that I am SO PROUD of myself for what changes I made last week.  The laundry, even after getting through the weekend is still caught up, kitchen is still clean....this week is Zone 3, bathroom and extra room.  Since we have 3 bathrooms, I will have 2 bathrooms to clean plus it will include the kids bedrooms.  Thank goodness two of my kids are older and I can just supervise :)  Joey has already gotten a start on it for me.  The kids' bathroom is looking good!  Laundry is in the washer, dishwasher has been emptied, bed is made....I'm feeling good!

Tonight is weigh-in night.  It's probably not going to be good since I start TOM yesterday and am super bloated.  I would love even down .2....anything is better than up so we'll see what happens.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day Two

Day Two went much better than day one.  I was able to stay a lot more motivated.  Oliver was FANTASTIC yesterday and I got to take a 2 hour nap!  Plus I got some of my Flylady stuff done, laundry is back on track (which is a HUGE deal for me) and I was also much more responsible with my points. 

The highlight of my day, besides catching up the laundry, had to be dinner.  I used the recipe builder on weight watchers and input all the ingredients and directions for my chicken noodle soup.  To my surprise, it was only 4 points per serving based on 10 servings.  YAY!  And actually we ended up getting 13 servings out of it so now I am sure that 4 points is a good estimation.

Water intake is going well and I've even managed to squeeze in a little exercise.  I'm being very conservative with my points today because I have big plans for dinner.  I am going to have my favorite queso dip.  It's 3 points per serving (plus 3 points for the chips per serving) but you know how easy it is to down chips and dip.  I could probably eat 5 servings easily but I'm going to have to stop with 2.  No more than 12 points on one of my favorite foods.  And in reality, I should probably even limit it to 1.5, but we are having a light dinner and I plan drinking a ton of water, as well as not eating it too late at night.  Some exercise is also in my future since tonight Charlie is planning on going to a flag ceremony at the baseball field and it will be the perfect time for me to take a walk in the park with Oliver...the cutest, sweetest baby in the whole world!  I may be a little biased in that respect but he is absolutely wonderful.

Time to go make Oliver some lunch so he can get to naptime and I can work on some more cleaning.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day One

I suppose that all journeys begin somewhere.  Well, today is my new day one.  I spent today doing a lot of thinking as it seems like I am constantly having trouble reaching the finish line when it comes to my goals.  I seem to struggle to finish anything.  This is definitely a quality that I do not like about myself.  So yesterday I had to put my foot down and really do some serious thinking...mostly about changes that I am needing to make.  Did I really need to make myself a cake for mother's day.....umm...NO.  But I did it anyway, and it was good, but I have bigger goals in mind that I need to start taking more seriously.

Tuesday I made a big jump toward those goals and went to my first Weight Watchers meeting in nearly three years.  It worked for me last time.....and I can do it again.  I don't know what it is about the meetings but actually going works.  As my leader said this week, it's the cheapest therapy in town!  It's the only place that for $10 a week you can come in and complain, cry, celebrate, and receive valuable information to help on the weight loss journey.  Going to a psychologist would be $100+ an hour!  So I will take myself to the weekly meetings and hope that I'm not the only one that doesn't occasionally get a 5lb star. 

I'm already receiving tests as to my resolve.  I swear it was the minute I decided to make changes that I once again got sick.  And despite the fact that I was feeling really crappy, I went to the meeting anyway.  Go ME!  I just happen to be one of those people that is very sensitive to germs.  They love me.  You'd think after all this time i would have caught every cold virus in Mt. Washington, KY but that doesn't seem to be the case.

At one point several months ago, I was doing really well getting on board with Flylady.  I was shining my sink, doing my laundry everyday, and even swish and swiping the bathroom.  I'm not exactly sure where that all went wrong but I fell off the wagon in a big way.  This week is Zone 2: the kitchen.  My goals are simply to get my kitchen clean so that I can start keeping it clean and shining my sink and getting my laundry caught up so that I can get back to just one load a day.  I am making good progress on that goal.  Yesterday I got all the laundry done except 2 loads so I can do those today plus everything that we accumulated yesterday.

In addition to all of this I have a birthday card to make and I've got to start thinking about my sister's birthday which is coming soon! 

I've made a good start to this day by getting up early to get a jump start on my day.  Some caffeine will definitely be required but I will persevere. 

And because I have quite possibly the cutest baby on the planet, here's a picture of him. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Winding Down

This has been a super long day for me.  But I am SO excited because I got a new lens for my camera and I cannot wait to test it out outside.  Poor Oliver doesn't know what kind of photographing he's in for :)  I also got another Cricut cartridge for my collection.  I think the kids had a lot of fun as well (they were jumping up and down with excitement so yeah...they were happy).  But now it is so time for bed.  I am tired.  I'm hoping to get some crafting done tomorrow.  Good night!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthdays are too much work!

...which is exactly why I don't care to have any more of them, lol!  Birthday planning is underway for this weekend.  I have to go out tonight and get a few things, including stuff for the big birthday dinner.  Too bad I don't have a cricut cake....I could make the cutest stuff.  Anyone want to donate one to me? :)  j/k

I have their cards all done, one is up for viewing on my craft blog and the other will be up tomorrow.  I got some of the wrapping done and then I ran out of paper!  EEK!  I also need to get Brianna's birthday invitations done by middle of next week so she can get them handed out.  I just can't believe how fast time goes.  On top of that, I have a challenge to get ready for on Saturday, a project to design for Monday, a circle journal to finish so it can be mailed Monday and a few Mother's Day projects that need to be started, let alone finished. :)  So it looks like another busy week for me next week.

I am looking forward to seeing Kaylee on Saturday!  I don't get to see her often and she'll be almost 5 months old.  Last time I saw her was 5 weeks ago so I can't wait to see how she's changed.  Until I get more time to write.....have a good one!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Better Late Than Never...

I simply have just not had time to post.  Life has been crazy the last two weeks.  All the painting we had to do to get our new carpet kept us super busy....but not as busy as trying to put everything back!  I decided quickly we had way too much stuff so we did some spring cleaning.  We got rid of a ton of stuff...some was ok to donate and other stuff was just trash.  I'm not a pack rat at all so I really don't know how I acquired so much stuff.  The big highlight of my month was getting my craft space organized FINALLY!  I was so excited to get it done that I quit working on the rest of the house and had to make a few things.  Oops...but its what I need to do to relax as I was going insane.

Last weekend - April 16-17 - I spent time with some wonderful ladies from church and attended the Women of Joy conference here in Louisville.  I had so much fun and left the conference with a new outlook on things.  Friday night I was able to hear Sarah Palin speak and while I'm not a republican, I'd vote for her in a second.  She was extremely genuine and "normal" and has good morals.  That was enough for me.  The struggles she has had, especially the last couple of years, and what she has done to overcome it is truly inspiring.  Life threw her some lemons and she's made lemonade!  I LOVED her speech.  She was just amazing.  Saturday was awesome.  I will have to say that my favorite part of Saturday was listening to Anita Renfroe.  She was HILARIOUS!  If you don't believe me, go to YouTube and look her up.  I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in all my life, especially when she did her parody of the song "You Raise Me Up" but made it all about underwire in bras.  It was just so incredibly funny.   Saturday night we got to see Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith in concert.  I cried my eyes out when Steven Curtis Chapman was talking about his daughter and the tragedy his family has been through.  The music was awesome though.  And I hope playing for an audience of 15,000 women helped him in his healing process, even if I had to cry.  Michael W. Smith was awesome also....I cannot believe he has 3 grandchildren??  I never would have guessed he was old enough.  He looks good for his age though and his music continues to touch me.  I left the conference feeling ready to tackle some things and make a few changes in my life to be a better wife and mother for my family.

Sunday I spent the day in a mad rush cleaning to get ready for my bunco night on Monday, which came and went successfully I think depsite the fact that I didn't win.  So I've now been playing for a whole year and I have yet to win.  I'm just not good at randomly rolling dice I suppose :)

Most of the rest of the week I did tons of laundry!!  I mean really....does it ever end??? Maybe if we just all quit changing clothes I can take a laundry break for once :)  But all this was in preparation for this weekend in which we all (me, Charlie, Brianna, Joey, and Oliver) went to Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio.  This was a trip for Brianna's girl scout troop and they had all been working so hard to fundraise for it.  I was surprised when we got there by a room upgrade.  Woohoo!  So we had an awesome room with lots of "room" and even a little bunk bed area for the kids.  It was awesome!  The lodge was neat and I liked the did Oliver since he tried playing with so much.  There was a lot to do without ever leaving, especially for kids, but man the prices of the "extras" was atrocious.  You definitely have to be prepared to spend money if you are going to do extras.  The waterpark though, which is why we went, was AWESOME!  Altogether they had 12 water slides which is a  lot for an indoor park.  4 of them were for kids under 5, they had 2 intermediate slides and then 6 really big slides.  They were all so much fun.  Charlie and I took turns watching Oliver and going down the slides with the kids.  It felt good to do something so fun with them.  We let them run off together with other girls from the troop and we took Oliver into the water.  He was not really a fan of the water....or rather the splashing from the other kids.  Even though the water was warm, it wasn't as warm as his bath water and so he thought it was cold.  It took him some time but he did eventually get braver and start moving around in the water without being clung onto me or Charlie.  We even went and got him a life jacket and put him down the baby waterslides.  It was SO CUTE!  I'm not sure he liked it, especially since at one point he got a face full of water, but he did it nonetheless.  Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the waterslide adventure because I can't take pictures and catch the baby at the bottom at the same time.  Brianna ended up staying with her friends' parents there at the lodge and we headed back last night.  We were SO TIRED.  I don't know how they are going to have energy to visit the waterpark again this morning but they are.  The latest facebook post indicated they were on their way. :)

Today I find myself at home with a baby that does not feel well.  His nose keeps running, he keeps pooping, he has a fever and is just kind of moody.  So it is time for me to do the mom thing and get him settled down for a nap.  I love that little boy and it just breaks my heart that he doesn't feel good. :(  Hopefully it will not take me 2 weeks to write another post!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When a munchkin needs his mommy...

Last night was a super long night for me.  Oliver had a rough day altogether, having not taken a good nap, getting more teeth, and a bad diaper rash.  Not a good combination.  When it came time for bed, I put him down as usual.  My plan was to get to work on the TONS of painting that needed to be done.  As soon as Oliver entered the crib he began crying.  I was used to this when we were doing the CIO (which works by the way).  But this time was different.  He screamed and screamed and screamed and I became more and more and more stressed.  I had so much to do to prepare for getting our new carpet.  I didn't have time for this.  I let him cry it out for over 15 minutes.  Finally I just sat, listening to the screaming and prayed.  I prayed for God to comfort him and me so that he could sleep peacefully and I could get some work done.  But still the screaming kept going.  I finally realized that I think God was telling me, to calm down.  He was giving me peace, and letting me know that at this particular moment my baby needed me.  So I quit stressing about the painting, let my husband do it, and went to my little munchkin.  He stopped crying....all he wanted was me.  Unfortunately he would not go to sleep but for two hours I played with him, giggled with him, and even though I woke up this morning with even more pressure to finish the painting, I can't be sad that I got in so much quality time with my little munchkin. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a week!

Oh has this ever been a long week.  I spent all week doing dishes because my dishwasher broke and I HATE HATE HATE doing dishes.  But it is for my I do it.  My luck finally turned aroudn when my new dishwasher was delivered and my WONDERFUL husband walked in the door and immediately went to work putting it in.  I swear he must be superman because in no time (and I do mean in only like an hour) he had it installed and running.  And it's so quiet!!!  i could actually run it while Oliver is asleep.  My other dishwasher was 20 years old and did need replaced but still...I can't believe how far technology has come in dishwashers.   Other exciting things that happened this week....we bought carpet for our three kids rooms.  That means I get to spend the next couple of days doing a ton of painting before its put in on Thursday.  On the bright side it will mean that we get to check so many things off of our to do list for the house.  And it means Oliver's room will be ready for him to move into.  That is very sad for me...makes me feel like he doesn't need me as much since he doesn't need to be as close. 

Last Sunday I did something least for me.  I sang in church in front of the congregation.  Seriously....I have never performed a solo in front of that many people.  I was a complete nervous wreck but I think it went well.  Many people have come up to me saying how good it maybe I'll have to come out of my shell a little bit further and do it again.  I do feel like God gave me a talent and that I need to use it. 

This week has been a great one with Oliver, my little OCD baby.  He has been going around lining up everything he finds or transferring certain things into certain containers.  It is just hilarious to watch.  His doctor saw him earlier and said it was nothing to worry about....normal for his age.  Good thing cause while its funny for a 15 month old, it would be bad for a school age child.  the best part about it is though that because he likes things in containers, he's been doing a great job keeping his toys cleaned up.  I just love that baby.....he's so great.

Tomorrow will be tons of fun as I spend time celebrating Easter with my family.  We are doing our annual Easter Egg Coloring contest.  I have big plans for mine and hope that I win for the first time.  Brianna has also been planning her egg for awhile now too.   I can't wait to see what she has in store.  I'll also get to see my niece Kaylee.  YAY!  After that, Brianna will be spending all week in Gatlinburg with my dad.  i'll be worried about my oldest daughter going away without me but at the same time I'm glad that she and my dad are getting to be so close.

Well, I have to be up in about six hours so I guess I should get to bed!  HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blog Hop

Until the link gets fixed, if you arrived here from Lori's blog, please proceed to my other blog, My Creative Station for the blog hop.  If you're still lost, you can go back to the Scrapper's Delight blog and link to my blog from there.  Thank you!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Productive Day

I am really excited...I have had a super productive day today.  My house is finally getting closer to the "organized" point.  For several days now I've kept up with laundry, done my "swish and swipe", shined my sink, and kept things picked up in the family room.  I've been slowly doing detail cleaning in my master bathroom and in my bedroom (which are always neglected since no one sees them), but today you can actually tell I worked in the bedroom so I think my DH will be pleasantly surprised.

On the downside, the dishwasher ran with no water...hmmm.  It was fine yesterday so I wonder what happened.  I'll have to wait until DH gets home to look at it.

Joey's choir concert last night went really well.  I don't have any good pictures of him since he was so far away but he did a good job.  I did however get Oliver to do his "cheesy grin".

Oliver was his usual silly self today.  I was out of the room for only a minute to go to the bathroom and he sure was busy while I was gone.  When I came back, his trash can had been filled.  All of his shoes, his medicine, vapo rub, all of his pacifiers, and his blanket were in the trash.  Was he trying to tell something??

Well now I understand a little bit better.  Most people's whining about the health plan has to do with being forced to purchase it.  They say its unconstitutional because the federal government has never forced us to purchase goods or services before.  Well, while this is true, most states have a law dictating the need for at least minimum coverage of auto insurance.  I don't really see the difference.  I do agree with arguments that some people will continue to mooch off of the government rather than getting on their feet.  And if they don't purchase the insurance....they get fined.  A lot of good that will do to fine people who have no money....they still won't be able to pay it.  I guess I see the government between a rock a hard place....if they cut benefits they get crap and if they expand benefits they still get crap....and if things stay the same they get crap.  So its a no win situation for people in politics.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is only a test

I am just testing out a feature of blogger and want to see if this works.  If all goes well, this will appear on my blog at noon today :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Disclaimer: Post contains my personal opinions only....don't read if easily offended

I am a little upset about the continuous flow of comments regarding our government and their decision to pass a health care reform bill.  What really irks me is that 99% of the people doing the commenting have not even read what is in the bill or how it affects them.  They don't post what about the bill they don't like.  They don't propose any other solutions except to leave a broken system broken.  This is all very disturbing.  I did some reading (I don't think any normal person could read the entire bill) but there were a few main points that I did approve of.  While I don't approve of a completely socialistic government, has no one stopped to realize that our government is not 100% democratic as it is??  I hear so many people upset about government health what do they call Medicare??  What do they call social security?  They are both government social programs designed to help those that need it (granted, some abuse does occur mostly with disability payments).  The only reason I can figure that people aren't uproaring over that is that those programs were in place when most people on facebook were born.  They are used to them....a part of our lives.  This program is not a 100% government run health care program.  Rather it provides subsidies to families to purchase private insurance and subsidies to small businesses to cover part of the employee premiums.  I'm hoping in the long run it will keep health care CEO's from earning millions per year while denying a dying child treatment.  One of the best things about the plan is that insurance can no longer be denied to children by companies based on pre-existing conditions.  The same will be true for adults in 4 years.  While many people I know are still lucky enough to have their jobs, I have also seen people lose their employment through a lay off and subsequently lose their health insurance because they could not afford the $800 per month premium (which is atrocious but that is what it would cost for most "family" plans if paid 100% out of pocket).  If one of the adults of child was sick with cancer or something equivalent, even if they did find new employment, they would not be able to get insurance coverage for their sick family member with the way the system was because the insurance company had a right to deny anyone they wanted.  Now at least if the sick member was a child, the insurance company would have to accept them.  Do people not deserve health care simply because their disease may be incurable? 

I like the fact that the health insurance companies will have to publish what they spent on overhead.  I think it will be a wake up call for parts of America to see exactly how much is wasted.

I like the fact that my insurance (which is good) will not change.  I will have my same plan with the same rules and the same premiums.  But it is nice to know if my husband were to lose his job that we would be able to keep our insurance with the governments help until my husband were to become re-employed.

And if private insurance companies are still doing all the insuring, how is that government run??

What I don't like about it is the cost.  But who does.  How could it be avoided?  Many of our other programs also cost money and put us in the hole....does that mean we quit paying for them as well?  I would at some point love to see an administration balance a budget and at least not make more federal debt.  And I'm sure other taxes will be put into place over the next ten years to help defray the costs. 

Is the reform necessary?  Well...quite frankly I don't agree with doing nothing!  We have had the same system for so's broken....ANYTHING different is better than keeping a broken system.  Yes, like all new things, tweeks and changes will be necessary to refine it but at least its a step forward.

I don't agree with people bashing the president and other lawmakers.  Quite frankly if you want something different done, run for office!  President Obama's whole platform was in regards to change.  The fact that changes are being made should not be any kind of major shock to anyone!  This congress has had to do more than I've ever heard of a congress doing.  In fact, there have been times where in a four year period, all the bills passed were so minor they didn't even make the news making it appear they did nothing.  If my tax dollars are paying their salaries then they should be working!  And it seems as though they are.  Like I said...don't like what they're doing...then run for office and quit whining.

Ok I think I'm done with my rant for now.  I don't want this to miscontrued that I completely agree with the health care bill because I don't agree with it entirely....I just am really irritated with the whiners who are whining without having read the bill AND aren't making any points in their whining other than just being plain upset.  I'll have to think of something more positive for later...

Monday, March 22, 2010

My newest little subject

I am so excited that I finally got to take some pictures of Kaylee!  She's my very first niece and is just adorable!  Her eyes are big with long eyelashes.  She looks a lot like my sister and is finally starting to show her personality.  She's 3 months old.  I'm really happy with how these pictures came out and I really hope my sister likes them.  Here's a few:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I should not still be up but I am for the moment.  I'm just about to go to bed. 

Today was a pretty productive day.  I finished my craft projects for my DT and now have to work on thinking up another project...hmmmmm.

My biggest accomplishment....figuring out how to fix up my blog!  I am so super excited about it!  I just love it!  And I have a picture of the kids on it and everything.

I'm sure I'll be changing the picture soon since we're planning on having our picture taken in a few weeks.

Don't forget to wear your green!  Hope everyone has a lucky day!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Hour Less...

While it doesn't seem like an hour missing from you day is a is to me!  Personally, I think they should just pick a time and stick with it! caused me to first, lose sleep, which made me get up late for church (thinking I had more time), which gave me a headache from rushing around, didn't have time to eat breakfast, had to sit in the cold for two hours (since thanks to everyone already having girl scout cookies, my daughter's troop still has cookies to sell) which only worsened the headache so that by the time I returned home became a migraine, then I laid down and hours later headache is finally subsiding and it's almost 7 when it should only be almost 6 and I haven't even started dinner yet.  So it literally threw my whole day out of whack by missing an hour that I REALLY want back!

Ok....enough complaining....I am in kind of a crafty mood so maybe I'll go get busy making some cards.  I have made progress on cleaning up my craft room.  I also need to start shopping for my daughter's birthday which is in about 3 weeks and plan her party (which won't be until end of April) since April is such a busy month for us.  I also need to figure out what to even get her!

I broke down last week and bought all the blue provo craft tools.  I already had the Blue YourStory....and I REALLY wanted the matching Cricut Expression....and then I got really excited when I learned they even had a blue Cuttlebug!!  So I bought the Expression and the Cuttlebug and am going to sell my others since I can't justify having two of them.  But I am so excited for them to come!!! Pictures will be posted soon!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Missing Crafting

I tried to get into my craft room today but that turned out to be more difficult than it sounds.  Poor little Oliver is coming down with something....diarrhea, very runny nose, losing his voice....I just feel so bad for him.  He's probably not going to sleep tonight either.  But, he required my attention almost all day.  He is very needy when he's sick....not that I mind being needed :)

Joey has been doing VERY well on his medication.  His grades did an almost instant turn around.  He is paying closer attention to details and even his handwriting is clearer.  I'm very excited to see how much he will improve in the last quarter of the school year.

It has been nearly three weeks since I've been able to create anything....ugh.  I have so much stuff that I am just dying to use and yet can't get the time to use it!  At the moment I'm working on a project for my mom that is consuming a lot of my time because it involves glueing so many letters.  But I plan to start working on some cards very soon....and putting some finishing touches on a whole slew of scrapbook pages I made last month.  I don't take my cricut with me to church when I scrap so I have to add my die cuts last.  Not a big deal....I just don't get time very often.

Well, I need to get to bed....big day tomorrow. :)  Will try that crafting thing again tomorrow.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Outdoor Adventure

This is my baby boy!  He says "that Chucky ain't got nothin' on me!"

Oliver is the cutest little boy ever!  Yesterday, for the first time, he was able to play outside.  Last year he couldn't even crawl and it's been too cold up until now.  So I took him out and put him in the grass.  He didn't move for nearly 10 minutes.  He was just completely frozen and not sure what to think or do.  It was cute.  This is one of the cute faces I caught on camera. 

He enjoyed himself immensely but I think the highlight for him was defnitely the slide.  After his first two trips down, he got really excited to do it again.  We also took Oliver to the neighbor's to see Daisy, their border collie.  She is the smartest dog I've ever seen.  Oliver was quite intimidated though and had a death grip on Charles the whole time.  So I played with Daisy.  I couldn't get any pictures because neither Daisy nor Oliver would sit still. 

Altogether, I think I took about 100 pictures just of Oliver outside.  We also put him in the back of the truck.  He thought that was great fun since it made so much noise when he walked.  And the tires made quite an impression on him, probably because they're as big as he is!

Some of Oliver's other new things are books....he LOVES books all the sudden.  He's started picking them up, carrying them around, then sitting down, opening them up and babbling to himself while pointing at the pictures.  Last night he made Brianna read the same book to him 5 times in a row.  Everytime she read it, she'd start to get up and he'd pick the book up and hand it to her to read again.  It was so cute.  He sure does love his sissy.  He gets so excited everyday when Breezy gets home from school.  Ok I need to get to bed...big day tomorrow.  Here's another picture of Oliver...this one on the slide.  The rest of them will be on facebook :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm still here!

It's been a long couple of weeks.  I had original intentions of updating this frequently but the last couple of weeks have tested me.  A little background....when I married my husband, he had two children already who lived with him....two beautful children that I just fell in love with.  His younger one, Joey, was about 3 at the time.  Now, Joey is 9.  Over the years school has been a stuggle for him...actually behaving in general was a struggle for awhile.  At one point several years ago he was pretty hyper all the time.  We talked to A LOT of people and tried different things.  Changing his diet definitely helped with the hyperactivity.  His schoolwork though has suffered since he began Kindergarten.  He went through first grade twice and is now in third, but he's really struggling.  His reading, math, writing, social skills, and pretty much everything else are behind that of almost all of his classmates.  A few weeks ago, I had a conference with his teacher regarding plans for next year.  She told me that she doesn't think there would be any benefit to holding him back again and that it would do more harm to him socially.  She said she is however working on getting him into special sessions during the day where he'd get to work one-on-one with a teacher for a half hour twice a day.  She said he does really well when she works with him individually and is hopeful that he will be up to speed in no time if he gets into this program.  When Joey found out that he would not be held back, he completely gave up and began doing NOTHING in school.  Not turning in ANY assignments and blowing off all the tests he was given.  He went from doing decent (C's mostly) to failing four of his classes.  He has talked to various counselors before regarding how he acts in school...the list would be long, but involves things like randomly getting up from his seat to talk to people, sometimes hitting people, standing in his chair, CONSTANTLY talking, when he takes a test he'll write random things all over it.....but when we tried to get him help from counselors, he never tells them the truth.  He tells them its all just fine, he's doing great, and they tell my husband and I that he's a normal, well-adjusted kid.  It's been hard going against that thinking that something really is not right.  So after the latest incidents in school finally made us realize we can't help Joey ourselves.  We took him to the doctor, he was evaluated, and as we expected, he was diagnosed with ADD.  Since we have tried other things, we decided to try something new and start him on medication.  Tuesday was his first day on the medication and a bad day at that.  He made a huge ordeal out of being on the medicine and ended up in the nurse's office.  He felt fine, he was just anxious over the situation.  Wednesday was a much better day.  The biggest obstacle I have right now is getting him to swallow the pill every day.  So that's been my headaches for the last week or so.  Not everything, but a little piece.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

In need of some serious motivation...

My parents are coming to visit me this weekend...or at least I hope as long as the weather stays decent.  But I REALLY need to get busy doing cleaning and laundry.  I HATE doing laundry....but its a necessary evil.  I want to have clean do the kids.  I'm supposed to be at the cub scout meeting tonight collecting money but i don't want to.  I'd rather get this cleaning out of the way.  It's definitely a down kind of day.  It'd also be nice to do some crafting but I'm afraid I'm going to wake up the baby who is doing a really good job of sleeping peacefully.  He's been really good all day so far.  He's just so cute to how he problem solves with his toys.  It's just adorable.  Not sure how he got so stinkin' cute but he is.  I also have to help the kids finish their science projects this week so they can be turned in on Monday.  The ridiculous part about it though is that Breezy is not allowed to type her project.  I mean seriously....what is up with that?  They think its because parents will help too much....but she's nearly 11 years old. She knows how to type all on her own.  Ugh....not a whole lot I can do about it.  Joey may be spending his evening tonight working on a book project that he was supposed to do last weekend.  We'll see if he even brings it home today.

Oliver's room is all painted.  Pictures coming soon.  This weekend we'll be going to see about getting carpet for all three bedrooms, which will also involve finishing the other two kids' rooms.  They haven't been all finished in awhile.  I guess I should also consider painting their rooms a different color if that's what they want.  Luckily though neither of their rooms have a stripe on the ceiling that needs to be painted.  That about killed my shoulders and neck, painting the ceiling stripe in Oliver's room.  It's exciting though that in a matter of two to three weeks, over half of the "to do" list for the house will finally be finished.  We've only lived here 4 years...its about time some of the remodelling gets officially finished! 

Well, now I have to get off my lazy butt and do something productive.  Hopefully Oliver will allow me some time to do that. But if nothing else, the kids will be home soon to help also.  And to think I want yet another kid :)  But I suppose I still have awhile before that happens.  I have several things to get in order before I can consider that it'll be revisted another time.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


We ended up only getting Oliver's new room primered today, but that's because shopping was a nightmare!  I think we missed a memo that said everyone should shop looked like Black Friday at the mall with the number of people out....didn't look like the economy was that bad to me today.

Right now Oliver sleeps in a nursery/office that is attached to my bedroom, but with the split floorplan design of our house, Oliver is going to be all the way at the other end!  EEK!  And it seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital.  Time goes by way too fast.  It will be good at the same time though because now he won't wake up everytime I have to get to go to the bathroom or cough or sneeze, etc.  He will sleep better, I will sleep better, and my husband will sleep better.  The other two kids have been sleeping just fine at the other end of the house, lucky duckies.

Anyway, it's late.  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day....we'll see if my husband remembers :)

Change of Plans

I was supposed to be going to Dayton, OH to see my parents and sister tomorrow. :(  That is no longer happening.  My dad thinks the roads there are still too rough and there is also no place to park since everything is covered with piles of snow from the plows.  So it looks like this weekend will be spent at home.  Well, I'll have to make the best of it.  I'm hoping to work on Oliver's new room so that I can get some peace in my own room!

I also spent some time tonight working on my projects for the Scrappers Delight DT.  I am pretty happy with how they came out.  I made two cards and tomorrow I think I'll make a scrapbook layout and incorporate one of the images into the scrapbook I'm working on for my sister.

Other than that there really isn't much going on around here.  Unless you count my problems with my older son.  But I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with that.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Days!

The last couple of days the kids have been off school thanks to the snow we got.  It wasn't too much (6 inches) but part of the county we live in is very rural and its hard for plows to clear the roads making it dangerous for the kids have been out of school.  I'm doing my best to keep them on track though and I'm hoping they'll be going back tomorrow.

Last year at the this time I had a tiny baby to take care of and really did not get to enjoy any of the snow.  This year is different since Oliver is now much easier to handle.  I haven't taken him out to play yet, but on Tuesday, I did spend a couple hours outside with the kids and helped Brianna build a snowman.  It was so cute when we got it standing :)  She decorated it with her hat, scarf, some rocks, and a carrot.  It's name is Mr. Snowman (after Oliver's little stuffed snowman).  I had fun and got some pictures of the kids.  After awhile it sure was cold out there though.  I had to come in!  Lucky for me Oliver continued to sleep for another hour after I got back inside so I was able to snuggle up in my blankets and warm up.

I was really sad about no school today because that also means church activities are cancelled so no choir practice :(  I was all prepared having mostly gotten my voice back and everything!  oh well.  Better luck next week I suppose.  I was nervous to go because I had volunteered to do a solo which I NEVER do so it would be a big leap for me.  Maybe no one will remember I volunteered. :)

Well, Oliver is ready for bed.   He needs some good sleep, as do I.  I'm going to print some stamps and experiment with the coloring.  I need to improve on my copic techniques...hopefully it works. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Breezy's Valentine

And here are the cards Breezy made for her class for Valentine's Day.  I especially like the heart background although it took me awhile to make (at least awhile to make 30 of them) :)

Joey's Valentine

Here is the card Joey came up with for his class.  I think they turned out cute :)  I love the googly eyes on the lion.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I hate Colds!

It would be really great if the cold I've had for a week would actually decide to vacate my body.  It is keeping me from getting all the cleaning I need to get done which in turn gets in the way of my crafting time!  I'd craft now except that its already quarter till 11.  Right now I'm watching a movie called The Descent...we'll see how it is and if its ok enough for Breezy to watch tomorrow with me.  I'm sure she'd love a horror movie night.

This has been a great week....NOT!  Charlie has really been feeling under the weather and still working OT at the same time.  I wish he'd take his own advise for once and take care of himself.  I'm worried about him getting too burnt out.  I too have not been feeling well between the headaches, a few fevers, and some serious congestion...and then there's poor Oliver.  He woke up yesterday with snot plastered all over his face, his blanket was glued together in several places and he'd wiped snot on his crib and sheets.  Lots of fun for me to clean up,  let me tell you.  It was completely disgusting....but at least it wasn't puke.  I try to remember it can always be worse :)  I ended up taking him to the doctor and got him some decongestant.  It worked wonders.  Other than being super clingy the last two days he's feeling much better.  I don't really mind the clinginess makes me feel needed and wanted.

Being a mother is by far the most joyful and rewarding thing I have ever decided to do.  Babies are wonderful!  I'm sure I'll feel differently during those teenage years, but I sure do love babies.  They are just so innocent and dependent, loveable, and eager to learn and explore.

One thing I did this week that is truly out of the ordinary for me was that I volunteered to sing a solo at church during the Easter Cantata.  What was I thinking??  I am terrified to be up there in front of the church...but mostly in front of my husband, since its his opinion that really matters to me.  I know I am not a bad singer but I've never thought of myself as a particularly good singer either.  I need my voice to come back so that I can get lots of practice in before March 28.

Ok time for bed.  Hopefully I'll get caught up on some great challenges this weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Craft Blog is Moving!

After some consideration, I've decided to keep my regular posts separate from my craft stuff, especially since I haven't gotten around to posting any crafting on my regular blog.  So, please go to for craft projects.  And to make it better I'm finally about to post a card!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Short Update

I think at one point I mentioned doing a 365 photo project...hmm...maybe not :)  It just doesn't seem to fit into my schedule.  My camera is my friend and I need to use it some more.  This weekend it will see some use.  It's Pinewood Derby time!  Both kids have worked really hard on their cars.  Brianna was especially excited that her car came in 3rd instead of last.  Last year her car was very slow....of course not as slow as Charlie's.  This year Charlie's did pretty good.  I am going to be making the trophies that will be passed down in the adult/leader division.  Charlie's idea is to make them UofL and UK....since UofL is on a losing streak and UK is doing so well.  I personally don't follow basketball at all but I'm sure there will be a few people offended.

I made some progress on cleaning my craft stuff up.  My living room and dining room both are gigantic messes.  I got about 15 minutes into tackling that problem today and Oliver decided to wake up.  So not a lot got done....AND I didn't take pictures of my craft projects.  Some people are so good about doing that and showing them to the world....I definitely need to work on that. 

Below is another one of my photos.  This one is from Christmas.  Hopefully I'll get around to posting those craft projects tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's been a few days...

Yes, I haven't updated in awhile.  I've been busy!  Last Wednesday was a really bad day for me, and after sulking all day Thursday, I finally somewhat recovered on Friday.  Friday night, Joey and I spent several hours working on his Valentines cards.  He picked out everything and was a huge help.  What I kept wondering was why I make these cards so complicated....I have so many to make yet instead of making a 5-step card, I end up with a 20-step card.  Oh well....I'm pretty proud of Joey though since the cards look pretty good....especially for my first attempt at a Valentine card.  I'll have to take a picture and post later.  It took me the rest of the night to finish cutting out the pieces he'd need and doing the stamping.  Now he can put them altogether. :)  Friday I also went to Joann's....I got some great 12x12 paper for $.25 a sheet.  YAY!  On Saturday I was really lazy most of the day.  Took Joey over to his friend's house to spend the night and turned in Breezy's cookie order now everyone that wants some Thin mints will get them shortly.  After that, Breezy and I watched some movies.  She REALLY wanted to watch Paranormal we did.  I will have to admit that I didn't find it scary or creepy in the least bit.  Some of the things they did just didn't make sense.  I don't think Brianna was really scared either.  Oh's being sent back to Netflix today.  I spent that night working on Brianna's Valentines....she also did an awesome job picking out things for hers.  And I was really happy to finally get some time to do some crafting. :)

Unfortunately I spent all of Saturday night feeling like I was going to be sick so I didn't get to sleep until early morning...and then slept until noon!  I spent last night making a lot of progress on the cub scout invitations. YAY! 

Now its time to get some things done before Oliver wakes up from his nap.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been a day...

Well, let's see.  I'll start with the good news.  I am a part of the Scrappers Delight design team!  YAY! This is very exciting for me and I am really looking forward to showing off my completed projects. :)

On other crafting news, I am hoping to finish the kids' Valentine's this weekend and get pictures up for viewing.  I think they are going to turn out so cute!

Right now I am sitting here watching The Biggest Loser and listening to Charlie and Oliver playing.  It is the sweetest sound to hear Oliver laughing.  Life just doesn't get any better.  Unfortunately, the whole night didn't go that way.  For the most part, all I can say is....KIDS SHOULD COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS!  When I got home from the grocery, Oliver just decided to have a fit.  I don't know if his new tooth was bothering him, if he was hungry, or what, but boy it was exhausting.  Nothing was calming him down, and after 30 minutes when I did get him calmed down, he started all over again for some reason.  When Charlie got home with Joey, Oliver was fine.  So maybe all along he just missed his Daddy. 

Other than working on the kids Valentine's, I seem to be a little lacking in inspiration.  At the same time, I'm watching The Biggest Loser wondering where my motivation has gone to work out.  On vacation I think....but it all needs to come back.  It all comes down to, ultimately, feeling like doing anything takes time away from my family and taking care of them.  I need to get on that laundry!  It's amazing how fast it piles up when there are 5 people in the house and you don't do laundry for 3 days.  It will get caught back up again...I just can't leave my husband home alone again.

Well, I think I will be finishing the show and then heading to bed.  Maybe I'll have some inspiration in my dreams :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick post

Originally uploaded by amp41080
This is going to be a very short, quick post. I have every intention of persuading myself to get in the shower! Dinner needs to be started in the crock pot and I'd really like to also have time to go through some of the ribbon and other craft supplies I picked up from my mom this weekend. I can't wait to make something! In the meantime, here's a picture of Oliver from his one year album. It's darker than I intended but that's what happens when you stand in front of the window and block the light! So, it's not as good as intended but it is what it is. Tonight I have BUNCO! YAY! Maybe I'll get lucky and win (but probably not). Charlie is attending the Special Needs Bible Study without me but I'll join him halfway through. Brianna will be going to a Girl Scout skating party which she is super excited about. Poor Joey has nothing to do...which is probably just as well since he was having a lot of stomach cramping last night and has been sleeping most of the day. I'm really hoping he isn't coming down with something. Okay, this is me officially kicking myself in the butt! Time to get moving!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I missed my little boy!

I had a really great weekend. And to make it even better tomorrow is MLK day so Charlie will be home!!! YAY! Brianna and I spent Friday night scrap booking for 5 hours. It was a lot of fun, especially since we got Chinese food and I actually managed to make progress on my pages. I found a HUGE lot of stamps on EBay (over 140 stamps) and purchased them for only $20 (incl. shipping). I got the box over the weekend and opened it today. WOW! I got such a great deal. There are stamps in there from some of my favorite companies, not to mention that some of them are new and still in sealed packages. Separately they easily would have cost me over $ I'm very excited about that. Now I have to get some jewel cases and ez mount foam so I can store them all. It's time to think about redoing my craft area/business space.

Saturday, Brianna and I headed to Dayton, OH for the weekend. It was the first time I've left my little baby boy alone overnight. That was REALLY HARD for me to do. Oliver seemed to do okay alone with his Daddy. Brianna I went shopping with my mom and she got all kinds of new stuff (and so did Joey, Oliver and Charlie...oh and I got a new jacket), and we also visited with little Kaylee when we went to pick up my sister. My itty bitty niece is so cute. She was a little upset to be away from her mommy when I held her but that's to be expected. I can't wait until she gets a little bigger. She's definitely changing much more awake than she was a few weeks ago.

After that we went to dinner at Uno's, where I used to work as a teenager. Not a whole lot has changed. I got one of their signature dishes and it tasted exactly as I remembered. It was yummy. Then we headed over to the Victoria Theatre to see the Muse Machine's annual production. This year...Singin' in the Rain. It was awesome! Would you believe they actually made it rain on stage? That was the coolest live special effect I've ever seen! I can never get past the immense amount of talent in region.....high school and middle school students...who knew that kids that young could act better than some adults? Some of the kids that actively participated in Muse Machine over the years have made successful careers in performing arts....even on Broadway! It just amazes me. I cannot say enough good things about them. Brianna absolutely loved the musical as well. She cannot wait for next year's production.

After we got back at nearly midnight, Brianna, my dad, and I sat in the living room watching horror movies. Brianna just loves them, as do I. It was 2am before we finally ventured off to bed....and we didn't get up until after 10am. It was the first night of sleep I've had where I haven't had to worry about waking a sleeping baby or wondering if the baby will sleep through the night, etc. I got an actual straight eight hours of sleep! WOOHOO! As if that wasn't exciting enough, Brianna made everyone breakfast using her new cookbook (received at Christmas) and with a little help from my mom. I will have to say she did a fantastic job. I am so proud of how independent she's becoming.

When breakfast was over we got ready to go. I packed everything up. It was a little sad to think about leaving because I really do miss my family some days since I live so far away. On the other hand, I think my relationship with them has been closer because of it. Not to mention I was missing Oliver terribly and was just dying to get home to him.

We had lunch at The Chop House in Dayton with my mom and her friends before heading back home. It seemed like the drive took forever, and then when I got home, Oliver was napping. I had to wait even longer for him to wake up so I could see if he missed me. I'm not sure he was quite awake when he first saw me. But he did like all the attention I was giving him. We got a great video of him walking with his walker. He was so proud of himself. He gets the biggest smile on his face whenever he uses it. And even more exciting, tooth #2 is finally starting to poke through his gum!!!! It's about time he gets tooth #2.

Well, I really need to be getting to bed. I'm whooped! I'm glad I got to spend so much time with Brianna. It was a great bonding experience.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A better day

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Today was a much better day where Oliver was concerned. Yesterday he was so mellow. Today he was his happy, smiley, bouncy self that I love so dearly. I cannot believe my little baby is a year old. Not only did he wake up this morning happy and smiling, but naptime went well with less than 10 minutes of crying. He woke up happy from that too. Then tonight, I gave him his bath, pajamas, bottle, and then straight to the crib. He cried for less than 5 minutes. If someone had told me before how well this whole "cry it out" stuff works I never would have believed it. But to any mothers out there, don't be afraid to try it! I am finally able some time to myself before bedtime. Now I just need to work on getting him to bed earlier to allow me some time to do scrapbooking and cardmaking.

I found some great deals on clearance stuff over the last couple of days....things that will add to my business....not to sell but to make awesome cards!

Well, it really is getting late and I have a lot to do tomorrow before the regularly scheduled Cub Scout meeting. Also, I have been trying to use my camera. Here's a picture. It will be better when I have a better lens. Oliver is such a cutie. He says "Excuse Me!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Being a parent isn't easy!

Last night was a really rough night...

It started on Sunday night when I had an epiphany. Oliver has begun to literally scream everytime I walk out of the room. I have seen it happen to countless kids I've babysat for in the past. Mom and Dad leave and baby is super upset. They always calm down within a few minutes, and having witnessed this, I thought no big deal. I can certainly handle this with my own child. Oliver didn't develop a serious attachment to me early. This is something that has creeped up in the last couple of weeks. Charlie has been trying to console him if I leave the room, but it doesn't work. If I go to switch laundry, start dinner, even go to the bathroom, he just screams....and I mean really cries - full tears and all. At bedtime, he has recently started waking up screaming around 11pm. I'd pick him up and fall back asleep instantly. I'd rock him and snuggle with him thinking that was all he needed. I'd lay him back down and as soon as he realized I wasn't holding him...commence screaming again. Seriously...after dealing with that for a few weeks and not being able to sleep until 1:30-2am, I can't take it anymore. So, Sunday I fed him, got him to sleep and he went to bed. 11pm, as if on cue, he woke up. I got him up, hugged him, rocked him, and he fell asleep. I laid him down and he instantly woke up. So I let him stay in the crib and cry. I checked on him occasionally, which actually just made it worse. Hearing how he'd cry when I left the room made me feel like I was abandoning him. Part of the problem is he wouldn't lay down, so I continually would lay him down. Well, his resolve was stronger than mine because after nearly 3 hours I gave in, picked him up, put him in bed with me, waited for him to fall asleep and then moved him to the crib.

So last night, I started earlier. I fed Oliver, and while he was still awake, put him in the crib and walked out of the room. He cried so hard and I really did feel like the worst person in the world. He sounded like he was going to throw up he was crying so hard. How did I not see his attachment to me getting this severe? I wanted him to love me, but I never wanted him to want ONLY me all the time to the point where he won't even let Charlie hold him. Leaving him in there was so hard. Charlie put earphones in my ears and told me it would be ok. After 45 minutes of straight screaming, he finally started to settle down, and did finally fall asleep all by himself. I then continued to cry and cry and cry. How could I have done that to my baby boy?

I was dreading getting up this morning, but my fears were put to rest by a big smile from my sweet baby boy. Oliver was fine. He has been a little more mellow today but that's because he's tired and he's also ready for lunch as I type this. So off I go....time to feed him and then naptime. Hopefully tonight will be a little easier for the both of us.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drama, Drama, and more Drama...but at least I made progress

Well, this is how my evening started out. I got up to get myself something to drink when I tripped over a baby toy, screamed, made the baby cry, and then the baby tripped because he was paying attention to me instead of where he was going! Seriously...I'm glad everyday is not filled with this kind of drama. But the fact is that life is full of drama. A teacher from high school used to say "Variety is the spice of life" so I suppose that drama is what gives life its variety or spice. If there were no ups and downs we'd be stuck with plain old monotony and what fun would that be?

Other drama that has occurred for me today has been trying to find information on starting up my business. I spent hours (and I do literally mean HOURS) trying to figure out what needed to be filed where, as far as legalities are concerned. I have decided to go the route of sole proprietor simply because at this time I don't think I should invest the money it would take to incorporate unless I actually start making money. So then I sat here trying to find out how you obtain a business license in Kentucky. The information was no where to be found! It was so unbelievably annoying! Come to find out, the reason the information isn't there is because you don't need one. Can you believe it? It would have been nice if that information would have been posted rather than having links looped together saying "obtain business license". All I need in Kentucky is to register my business name in my county and complete a Sales and Use Tax form for the state which acts as a seller's permit. Once I get that I'll be able to shop around and buy my supplies wholesale. So there was actually progress on the business front. Next I have to fill out the forms and get them filed. While I'm waiting on responses from the county and state, I plan to work on making the samples. I have decided to make kits for the kids to make their own Valentine's cards for their classes. I am also going to make invitations to the cub scout Blue & Gold banquet so if you get one, I made it!

My weight loss also made progress. I was down to 207.5 yesterday which is a big deal. So far I'm down 14.5 pounds since September which is slow, but at least it's progress. Only 57 more to go....but I'll be satisfied with even 35 more by the end of the year. I still need to find time to do my new Biggest Loser Wii game. I will make an honest attempt to get up at a decent time in the morning and get that accomplished.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

So I wake up this morning and look outside and there is a teeny bit of snow on the ground. We're talking maybe half an inch and then I find out school is cancelled. I mean, seriously?? School cancelled?? No ice, no mounds of snow....oh well. It just throws my whole day off having all the kids home. It means Oliver won't take a good nap and I'll be driven nuts all day. I love the kids, I really do, but they were just home for 2 weeks straight and I was really looking forward to the break. Not to mention Joey was having a really good week so far. He was behaving so well and his reading was also going well. And this means that they will tack on an extra day at the end of the school year. Ugh...

On the plus side, if it keeps snowing, I'll be able to get some good winter pictures of the kids. I'm not sure how I can get Oliver in the snow without him freezing to death but I'll figure something out.

Yesterday was a pretty good day for the most part. I have decided that my colors will probably be brown and pastel green. I worked on my logo a little bit last night but I was interrupted by a baby that wouldn't sleep, so I didn't get very far. I'll try to work on that some more today.

I have two cabinets in the kitchen left to clean out and then I'll have an organized kitchen!!! I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Next week I move onto zone 3 which I think involves the kids rooms. The extra bedroom will be the biggest challenge since that will involve transforming it into Oliver's new bedroom. I'm looking forward to making him a place to play. It will also double as a playroom for the other kids. And in the process, I'll get to put up all of my pictures and things all over the house.

I haven't made much progress on the weight loss front. Of course I haven't exercised much either! Today I really need to change that. The kids have put themselves on the Biggest Loser Wii game and I need to knock them off in the challenges! I've had my breakfast for today so I suppose its time to get a shower and get moving. There are plenty of things I can do.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Steps

It is amazing what you can accomplish with baby steps. I have spent the last 6 days shining my sink as Flylady suggests and it has really made a difference in my attitude toward things. It has given me motivation to declutter my kitchen, which is almost done. I have done it in small increments. Normally I wouldn't have even started if I couldn't do the whole's my 'all or nothing' mentality that I simply cannot seem to get rid of. What I have realized this week is that by doing it in small steps over several days I am seeing a difference and I didn't have to devote half a day to see it. Laundry is caught up, kitchen clean...I'm just feeling really good at the moment.

Not only have I been doing good at these baby steps but my husband (who is the greatest ever!) has noticed and is making a considerable effort to help me keep it up. For example, two nights in a row when he's done the dishes, he has cleaned out my sink afterwards so that it's still shiny in the morning. And oh how good it feels to see that shiny sink in the morning. What I love the most though is having a husband that loves me enough to do this for me. He has no idea how much I love and appreciate him.

I did take my camera out yesterday to take one year pictures of Oliver...needless to say they did not come out well. I think I was standing in front of the light from the window on many of them causing them to be dark. Ugh....I suppose I'll just have to start over, which is better than spending hours in Photoshop trying to fix them. Friday will probably be a good day for that. They have predicted several inches of snow so I'm sure the school district will cancel school, which means I'll have the kids home to help me. AND since it is supposed to snow, the snow will reflect all that light making LOTS of light in my living room which equals good pictures. So here's to hoping all that falls into place. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

This is harder than it looks!

Keeping up with a blog, or rather finding time to keep up with it is hard! When I decided to do this to help keep me on track in the new year, I had no idea how hard this was going to be. Right now I am looking around my room at all of the other things I should be doing! Grrr

So far this morning I'm doing good on the to do list. I have emptied the dishwasher, shined my sink, ate breakfast, and am now enjoying my coffee. And during all of this I've been laughing at my silly baby boy. He really is quite the character. Soon it will be time for Sesame Street though and he always looks forward to that. I just love that show and find it very entertaining. I've always like silly, corny stuff and jokes so I love the show. Oliver does too. The other two kids made it off to school without incident and I'm just praying for a good day for them. The most shocking and surprising thing about today is that we got a teeny tiny bit of snow and they didn't cancel school. I think that's an accomplishment for the superintendent.

While going through Joey's papers last night and then checking online I have definitely noticed that his grades are falling. He's getting lower grades on projects simply because of neatness (he's drawing in the margins of all his papers). His spelling is also terrible because he doesn't apply what he knows. His teacher has told us she knows how smart he is but for whatever reason he just doesn't want to take the time to do good work.

I'm not sure when I'm going to get a shower today. I've gotten so used to having the older kids home to watch Oliver that now I can't remember what I used to do! Oh well. It's a new year and time to start some new routines. I need to start getting up before he does and taking care of it before he gets up. It really would make doing other stuff so much easier.

When it comes to my cards, I did create many designs to use for various occasions. Now I am trying to work on doing the wording and trying to put them all together. The hardest ones will be waterfall cards. They are very time consuming to assemble but are really cool once done.

Well, coffee is gone so that means I need to get on with my day. I have an ambitious to do list so I need to stay motivated!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Long Day

Today feels like a Monday for me. The whole day is dragging by.....unbelievably slowly! Charles is off working overtime, which is good for the bank account, just bad for me. After nearly 2 full weeks of all three kids I'm about to go out of my mind. I desperately need a break. Dinner is started...CHECK. Still need a shower in today, but I'll get to that in a minute. After shower I'm going to spend some time working on the website thing. My mind has been so focused on the cards. I know what I'm going to make and sell, I just can't seem to decide on patterns and designs and such. There are too many good ideas in my head, but I know I need to just start. So I've decided to redirect my focus to making my website and then I'll proceed with project making.

I did manage to check a few things off my to do list. The accounts are all balanced and up to date for cub scouts. I am the treasurer and handle all the financial stuff. It feels good to have all that done for now. All I have left to officially finish that is a trip to the bank on Monday. I also succeeded in getting 2 whole cabinets cleaned out in the kitchen. YAY! I made a lot of space and got rid of many things that needed to go. Dishes are done, laundry is done, and all that's left in the kitchen is to make my sink shiny.

I just talked to Charlie and he's leaving work around 6pm so it'll only be another couple of hours until I get to see him. I really hate giving up my weekend for him to go work. I look forward each and every day to the time I get to spend with him. It might sound cliche, but he is the best thing that ever happened to me. I just miss him and can't wait for him to return home.

As for taking pictures, I have yet to whip about my camera and take some shots. There just always seems to be so many things to do! I must remedy that sometime over the weekend.

Ok, time to go...many more things to do with my day.