Thursday, February 18, 2010

In need of some serious motivation...

My parents are coming to visit me this weekend...or at least I hope as long as the weather stays decent.  But I REALLY need to get busy doing cleaning and laundry.  I HATE doing laundry....but its a necessary evil.  I want to have clean do the kids.  I'm supposed to be at the cub scout meeting tonight collecting money but i don't want to.  I'd rather get this cleaning out of the way.  It's definitely a down kind of day.  It'd also be nice to do some crafting but I'm afraid I'm going to wake up the baby who is doing a really good job of sleeping peacefully.  He's been really good all day so far.  He's just so cute to how he problem solves with his toys.  It's just adorable.  Not sure how he got so stinkin' cute but he is.  I also have to help the kids finish their science projects this week so they can be turned in on Monday.  The ridiculous part about it though is that Breezy is not allowed to type her project.  I mean seriously....what is up with that?  They think its because parents will help too much....but she's nearly 11 years old. She knows how to type all on her own.  Ugh....not a whole lot I can do about it.  Joey may be spending his evening tonight working on a book project that he was supposed to do last weekend.  We'll see if he even brings it home today.

Oliver's room is all painted.  Pictures coming soon.  This weekend we'll be going to see about getting carpet for all three bedrooms, which will also involve finishing the other two kids' rooms.  They haven't been all finished in awhile.  I guess I should also consider painting their rooms a different color if that's what they want.  Luckily though neither of their rooms have a stripe on the ceiling that needs to be painted.  That about killed my shoulders and neck, painting the ceiling stripe in Oliver's room.  It's exciting though that in a matter of two to three weeks, over half of the "to do" list for the house will finally be finished.  We've only lived here 4 years...its about time some of the remodelling gets officially finished! 

Well, now I have to get off my lazy butt and do something productive.  Hopefully Oliver will allow me some time to do that. But if nothing else, the kids will be home soon to help also.  And to think I want yet another kid :)  But I suppose I still have awhile before that happens.  I have several things to get in order before I can consider that it'll be revisted another time.


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