Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby Steps

It is amazing what you can accomplish with baby steps. I have spent the last 6 days shining my sink as Flylady suggests and it has really made a difference in my attitude toward things. It has given me motivation to declutter my kitchen, which is almost done. I have done it in small increments. Normally I wouldn't have even started if I couldn't do the whole's my 'all or nothing' mentality that I simply cannot seem to get rid of. What I have realized this week is that by doing it in small steps over several days I am seeing a difference and I didn't have to devote half a day to see it. Laundry is caught up, kitchen clean...I'm just feeling really good at the moment.

Not only have I been doing good at these baby steps but my husband (who is the greatest ever!) has noticed and is making a considerable effort to help me keep it up. For example, two nights in a row when he's done the dishes, he has cleaned out my sink afterwards so that it's still shiny in the morning. And oh how good it feels to see that shiny sink in the morning. What I love the most though is having a husband that loves me enough to do this for me. He has no idea how much I love and appreciate him.

I did take my camera out yesterday to take one year pictures of Oliver...needless to say they did not come out well. I think I was standing in front of the light from the window on many of them causing them to be dark. Ugh....I suppose I'll just have to start over, which is better than spending hours in Photoshop trying to fix them. Friday will probably be a good day for that. They have predicted several inches of snow so I'm sure the school district will cancel school, which means I'll have the kids home to help me. AND since it is supposed to snow, the snow will reflect all that light making LOTS of light in my living room which equals good pictures. So here's to hoping all that falls into place. :)


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