Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Hour Less...

While it doesn't seem like an hour missing from you day is a is to me!  Personally, I think they should just pick a time and stick with it! caused me to first, lose sleep, which made me get up late for church (thinking I had more time), which gave me a headache from rushing around, didn't have time to eat breakfast, had to sit in the cold for two hours (since thanks to everyone already having girl scout cookies, my daughter's troop still has cookies to sell) which only worsened the headache so that by the time I returned home became a migraine, then I laid down and hours later headache is finally subsiding and it's almost 7 when it should only be almost 6 and I haven't even started dinner yet.  So it literally threw my whole day out of whack by missing an hour that I REALLY want back!

Ok....enough complaining....I am in kind of a crafty mood so maybe I'll go get busy making some cards.  I have made progress on cleaning up my craft room.  I also need to start shopping for my daughter's birthday which is in about 3 weeks and plan her party (which won't be until end of April) since April is such a busy month for us.  I also need to figure out what to even get her!

I broke down last week and bought all the blue provo craft tools.  I already had the Blue YourStory....and I REALLY wanted the matching Cricut Expression....and then I got really excited when I learned they even had a blue Cuttlebug!!  So I bought the Expression and the Cuttlebug and am going to sell my others since I can't justify having two of them.  But I am so excited for them to come!!! Pictures will be posted soon!


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