Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been a day...

Well, let's see.  I'll start with the good news.  I am a part of the Scrappers Delight design team!  YAY! This is very exciting for me and I am really looking forward to showing off my completed projects. :)

On other crafting news, I am hoping to finish the kids' Valentine's this weekend and get pictures up for viewing.  I think they are going to turn out so cute!

Right now I am sitting here watching The Biggest Loser and listening to Charlie and Oliver playing.  It is the sweetest sound to hear Oliver laughing.  Life just doesn't get any better.  Unfortunately, the whole night didn't go that way.  For the most part, all I can say is....KIDS SHOULD COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS!  When I got home from the grocery, Oliver just decided to have a fit.  I don't know if his new tooth was bothering him, if he was hungry, or what, but boy it was exhausting.  Nothing was calming him down, and after 30 minutes when I did get him calmed down, he started all over again for some reason.  When Charlie got home with Joey, Oliver was fine.  So maybe all along he just missed his Daddy. 

Other than working on the kids Valentine's, I seem to be a little lacking in inspiration.  At the same time, I'm watching The Biggest Loser wondering where my motivation has gone to work out.  On vacation I think....but it all needs to come back.  It all comes down to, ultimately, feeling like doing anything takes time away from my family and taking care of them.  I need to get on that laundry!  It's amazing how fast it piles up when there are 5 people in the house and you don't do laundry for 3 days.  It will get caught back up again...I just can't leave my husband home alone again.

Well, I think I will be finishing the show and then heading to bed.  Maybe I'll have some inspiration in my dreams :)



Kids come with instructions......mine are now 16y and 19y and the times we have said they should come with instructions well i have lost count,lol and it gets worse as they get older,lol.
Saying that i have 2 fantastic boys and we wouldn`t change a thing.
Washing...arghhh where does it all come from..likewise if i even miss a day i am in trouble and bath towels i am sure they breed in our house.
From your other post i can see you have been busy with valentine cards so guess your dreams were good ones and look forward to seeing them.#Hugs

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