Sunday, January 10, 2010

Drama, Drama, and more Drama...but at least I made progress

Well, this is how my evening started out. I got up to get myself something to drink when I tripped over a baby toy, screamed, made the baby cry, and then the baby tripped because he was paying attention to me instead of where he was going! Seriously...I'm glad everyday is not filled with this kind of drama. But the fact is that life is full of drama. A teacher from high school used to say "Variety is the spice of life" so I suppose that drama is what gives life its variety or spice. If there were no ups and downs we'd be stuck with plain old monotony and what fun would that be?

Other drama that has occurred for me today has been trying to find information on starting up my business. I spent hours (and I do literally mean HOURS) trying to figure out what needed to be filed where, as far as legalities are concerned. I have decided to go the route of sole proprietor simply because at this time I don't think I should invest the money it would take to incorporate unless I actually start making money. So then I sat here trying to find out how you obtain a business license in Kentucky. The information was no where to be found! It was so unbelievably annoying! Come to find out, the reason the information isn't there is because you don't need one. Can you believe it? It would have been nice if that information would have been posted rather than having links looped together saying "obtain business license". All I need in Kentucky is to register my business name in my county and complete a Sales and Use Tax form for the state which acts as a seller's permit. Once I get that I'll be able to shop around and buy my supplies wholesale. So there was actually progress on the business front. Next I have to fill out the forms and get them filed. While I'm waiting on responses from the county and state, I plan to work on making the samples. I have decided to make kits for the kids to make their own Valentine's cards for their classes. I am also going to make invitations to the cub scout Blue & Gold banquet so if you get one, I made it!

My weight loss also made progress. I was down to 207.5 yesterday which is a big deal. So far I'm down 14.5 pounds since September which is slow, but at least it's progress. Only 57 more to go....but I'll be satisfied with even 35 more by the end of the year. I still need to find time to do my new Biggest Loser Wii game. I will make an honest attempt to get up at a decent time in the morning and get that accomplished.


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