Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Steps

I am in the process of making baby steps regarding my goals for the year.  This is one of them....clearing my head onto this blog. 

One of the steps was going back to my weight watchers meetings.  I went this past week and unsurprisingly I had gone up.  Well, when you don't track your points that is exactly what overeat.  And there isn't enough exercise in the world to compensate.  As I learned once before, you have to walk 200 yards (the equivalent of two football fields) just to burn off one M&M.....not one M&M.  Craziness.  It's amazing how so much hard work can go up in smoke with a splurge of M&M's.  To make it worse I didn't really do any better tracking this week.  Actually I haven't eaten much at all.  My appetite seems to have vanished altogether the last couple of days.  Despite that I can still feel my weight going up.  I will never get to my goal if I keep letting this continue. 

One positive of this week is that I am almost done with all of the cub scout preparations that I do.  How did I get myself into this I wonder?  Because ultimately I wanted Joey's experience to be a positive one.  I wanted him to have a great time and I wanted things to be organized so that other parents would also feel more informed and less stressful.  At times it seems that no matter how much I do it is completely unappreciated.  There are few people involved that no how much work the small group of us put into running the pack.  Yet there is always my new theory is that anyone that complains needs to take matters into their own hands and do it themselves.  Want something done differently or organized differently?  Then take it over!  Come up with a new way of doing something and implement it.  I don't really need compensation or gratitude for what I do.  A lack of complaining is sufficient.  I still have a chunk of stuff to do but not compared to what I did have.  The first meeting is this Thursday.  I'm just hoping things go well for Charlie as he is so nervous.  Talking in front of people is not his forte but he does a fabulous job.  I really should tell him that more often.

In my haste to finish all the scout stuff though my house has become a disaster area.  It is getting to the point of unliveable (at least for me) and I must do something about it.  I'm starting at the basics...15 minutes.  You can do anything for 15 steps.  One of the reasons my baby steps were postponed though was because Oliver was sick sick.  He had a bad fever that would not go down with medicine and ended up needing to be home for 2 days.  Charlie took him to the doctor and got him an antibiotic.  He has a sinus infection and ear infection.  Poor thing was SO fussy.  he couldn't sleep and was in pain from the fever.  It made for two very rough nights for me and Charlie.  Thankfully he finally slept most of the night last night and seems to finally be feeling better this morning.  But having a needy baby means  no housework.  Obviously Oliver is more important but anyone who would come over would probably be appalled.  And I have to remedy that situation.  I can't live with it anymore.  After school shopping today I will commit 15 minutes to cleaning.  I did actually do this yesterday with great results in the kitchen.  All the dishes got done and the counters cleared off of junk mail, floors swept, so it was back to being presentable.

Well, my head is killing me today so I'm going take a break from this and rest.  Some breakfast might help the headache so we'll try that next.  Something in the points so that I don't go over :)  I would actually like to have a loss at the meeting this week. Sometime too I'm going to have to get a few pictures up from my recent outings.