Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Disclaimer: Post contains my personal opinions only....don't read if easily offended

I am a little upset about the continuous flow of comments regarding our government and their decision to pass a health care reform bill.  What really irks me is that 99% of the people doing the commenting have not even read what is in the bill or how it affects them.  They don't post what about the bill they don't like.  They don't propose any other solutions except to leave a broken system broken.  This is all very disturbing.  I did some reading (I don't think any normal person could read the entire bill) but there were a few main points that I did approve of.  While I don't approve of a completely socialistic government, has no one stopped to realize that our government is not 100% democratic as it is??  I hear so many people upset about government health what do they call Medicare??  What do they call social security?  They are both government social programs designed to help those that need it (granted, some abuse does occur mostly with disability payments).  The only reason I can figure that people aren't uproaring over that is that those programs were in place when most people on facebook were born.  They are used to them....a part of our lives.  This program is not a 100% government run health care program.  Rather it provides subsidies to families to purchase private insurance and subsidies to small businesses to cover part of the employee premiums.  I'm hoping in the long run it will keep health care CEO's from earning millions per year while denying a dying child treatment.  One of the best things about the plan is that insurance can no longer be denied to children by companies based on pre-existing conditions.  The same will be true for adults in 4 years.  While many people I know are still lucky enough to have their jobs, I have also seen people lose their employment through a lay off and subsequently lose their health insurance because they could not afford the $800 per month premium (which is atrocious but that is what it would cost for most "family" plans if paid 100% out of pocket).  If one of the adults of child was sick with cancer or something equivalent, even if they did find new employment, they would not be able to get insurance coverage for their sick family member with the way the system was because the insurance company had a right to deny anyone they wanted.  Now at least if the sick member was a child, the insurance company would have to accept them.  Do people not deserve health care simply because their disease may be incurable? 

I like the fact that the health insurance companies will have to publish what they spent on overhead.  I think it will be a wake up call for parts of America to see exactly how much is wasted.

I like the fact that my insurance (which is good) will not change.  I will have my same plan with the same rules and the same premiums.  But it is nice to know if my husband were to lose his job that we would be able to keep our insurance with the governments help until my husband were to become re-employed.

And if private insurance companies are still doing all the insuring, how is that government run??

What I don't like about it is the cost.  But who does.  How could it be avoided?  Many of our other programs also cost money and put us in the hole....does that mean we quit paying for them as well?  I would at some point love to see an administration balance a budget and at least not make more federal debt.  And I'm sure other taxes will be put into place over the next ten years to help defray the costs. 

Is the reform necessary?  Well...quite frankly I don't agree with doing nothing!  We have had the same system for so's broken....ANYTHING different is better than keeping a broken system.  Yes, like all new things, tweeks and changes will be necessary to refine it but at least its a step forward.

I don't agree with people bashing the president and other lawmakers.  Quite frankly if you want something different done, run for office!  President Obama's whole platform was in regards to change.  The fact that changes are being made should not be any kind of major shock to anyone!  This congress has had to do more than I've ever heard of a congress doing.  In fact, there have been times where in a four year period, all the bills passed were so minor they didn't even make the news making it appear they did nothing.  If my tax dollars are paying their salaries then they should be working!  And it seems as though they are.  Like I said...don't like what they're doing...then run for office and quit whining.

Ok I think I'm done with my rant for now.  I don't want this to miscontrued that I completely agree with the health care bill because I don't agree with it entirely....I just am really irritated with the whiners who are whining without having read the bill AND aren't making any points in their whining other than just being plain upset.  I'll have to think of something more positive for later...


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