Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Days!

The last couple of days the kids have been off school thanks to the snow we got.  It wasn't too much (6 inches) but part of the county we live in is very rural and its hard for plows to clear the roads making it dangerous for the kids have been out of school.  I'm doing my best to keep them on track though and I'm hoping they'll be going back tomorrow.

Last year at the this time I had a tiny baby to take care of and really did not get to enjoy any of the snow.  This year is different since Oliver is now much easier to handle.  I haven't taken him out to play yet, but on Tuesday, I did spend a couple hours outside with the kids and helped Brianna build a snowman.  It was so cute when we got it standing :)  She decorated it with her hat, scarf, some rocks, and a carrot.  It's name is Mr. Snowman (after Oliver's little stuffed snowman).  I had fun and got some pictures of the kids.  After awhile it sure was cold out there though.  I had to come in!  Lucky for me Oliver continued to sleep for another hour after I got back inside so I was able to snuggle up in my blankets and warm up.

I was really sad about no school today because that also means church activities are cancelled so no choir practice :(  I was all prepared having mostly gotten my voice back and everything!  oh well.  Better luck next week I suppose.  I was nervous to go because I had volunteered to do a solo which I NEVER do so it would be a big leap for me.  Maybe no one will remember I volunteered. :)

Well, Oliver is ready for bed.   He needs some good sleep, as do I.  I'm going to print some stamps and experiment with the coloring.  I need to improve on my copic techniques...hopefully it works. :)


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