Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So first the good news...

I had my weigh-in.  DOWN 2.6!!!!  I am so super excited and it was incredibly motivating to finally be making some progress.  Hopefully next week will also hold a good number provided that I do what I'm supposed to do in the meantime.  I also went home and walked on my treadmill for another 30 minutes.  So now three out of four days I've done some exercise.  And to really make my night, the Biggest Loser finale was on.  I just love that show.  Hopefully when it starts again in the fall I won't be starting where the contestants do :)

And now not so good news....

I took Brianna to get her physical.  She is fine and healthy, but I have to take her to get an x-ray on her back.  Two years ago her pediatrician told me there was a very slight curve to her back.  So slight that she wasn't even sure it was there but not to worry and just have it looked at at her next physical.  Well, she's grown quite a bit and apparently her slight curve has gotten much worse.  The doctor estimated its about 9-10 degrees off.  When she pointed it out it because obvious how uneven her shoulder blades were and I cannot believe I didn't notice it sooner.  She said that the growing is what would have made it so much more obvious.  So we need to get Brianna an x-ray just to make sure that the curve isn't too much and she'll get another x-ray every year after that to keep an eye on it.  But she has scoliosis.  It's not too bad though cause worse thing that would happen would be that she might have to wear a brace at night while she sleeps to keep it from getting worse.

So that was my day yesterday...on top of dealing with a super moody baby that did not get much sleep.  I ended up putting him to bed at 7:15pm.  Boy did I have a ton of time last night to do whatever I wanted.....which I spent walking on the treadmill and then relaxing watching the Biggest Loser finale.  And to make it better he slept until 7:15 this morning....a whole 12 hours!  And he's in a much better mood today thank goodness.

Tonight is choir practice which is the highlight of my Wednesday.  I just love to sing.  There is almost nothing more fun to me than singing and I do it ALL the time.  I love music.  Time to get back to my day.  Laundry to fold and my bedroom to clean :)


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