Thursday, February 4, 2010

I hate Colds!

It would be really great if the cold I've had for a week would actually decide to vacate my body.  It is keeping me from getting all the cleaning I need to get done which in turn gets in the way of my crafting time!  I'd craft now except that its already quarter till 11.  Right now I'm watching a movie called The Descent...we'll see how it is and if its ok enough for Breezy to watch tomorrow with me.  I'm sure she'd love a horror movie night.

This has been a great week....NOT!  Charlie has really been feeling under the weather and still working OT at the same time.  I wish he'd take his own advise for once and take care of himself.  I'm worried about him getting too burnt out.  I too have not been feeling well between the headaches, a few fevers, and some serious congestion...and then there's poor Oliver.  He woke up yesterday with snot plastered all over his face, his blanket was glued together in several places and he'd wiped snot on his crib and sheets.  Lots of fun for me to clean up,  let me tell you.  It was completely disgusting....but at least it wasn't puke.  I try to remember it can always be worse :)  I ended up taking him to the doctor and got him some decongestant.  It worked wonders.  Other than being super clingy the last two days he's feeling much better.  I don't really mind the clinginess makes me feel needed and wanted.

Being a mother is by far the most joyful and rewarding thing I have ever decided to do.  Babies are wonderful!  I'm sure I'll feel differently during those teenage years, but I sure do love babies.  They are just so innocent and dependent, loveable, and eager to learn and explore.

One thing I did this week that is truly out of the ordinary for me was that I volunteered to sing a solo at church during the Easter Cantata.  What was I thinking??  I am terrified to be up there in front of the church...but mostly in front of my husband, since its his opinion that really matters to me.  I know I am not a bad singer but I've never thought of myself as a particularly good singer either.  I need my voice to come back so that I can get lots of practice in before March 28.

Ok time for bed.  Hopefully I'll get caught up on some great challenges this weekend!


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