Friday, March 26, 2010

Productive Day

I am really excited...I have had a super productive day today.  My house is finally getting closer to the "organized" point.  For several days now I've kept up with laundry, done my "swish and swipe", shined my sink, and kept things picked up in the family room.  I've been slowly doing detail cleaning in my master bathroom and in my bedroom (which are always neglected since no one sees them), but today you can actually tell I worked in the bedroom so I think my DH will be pleasantly surprised.

On the downside, the dishwasher ran with no water...hmmm.  It was fine yesterday so I wonder what happened.  I'll have to wait until DH gets home to look at it.

Joey's choir concert last night went really well.  I don't have any good pictures of him since he was so far away but he did a good job.  I did however get Oliver to do his "cheesy grin".

Oliver was his usual silly self today.  I was out of the room for only a minute to go to the bathroom and he sure was busy while I was gone.  When I came back, his trash can had been filled.  All of his shoes, his medicine, vapo rub, all of his pacifiers, and his blanket were in the trash.  Was he trying to tell something??

Well now I understand a little bit better.  Most people's whining about the health plan has to do with being forced to purchase it.  They say its unconstitutional because the federal government has never forced us to purchase goods or services before.  Well, while this is true, most states have a law dictating the need for at least minimum coverage of auto insurance.  I don't really see the difference.  I do agree with arguments that some people will continue to mooch off of the government rather than getting on their feet.  And if they don't purchase the insurance....they get fined.  A lot of good that will do to fine people who have no money....they still won't be able to pay it.  I guess I see the government between a rock a hard place....if they cut benefits they get crap and if they expand benefits they still get crap....and if things stay the same they get crap.  So its a no win situation for people in politics.


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