Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rough day...

(written yesterday 12/29/09) This morning I realized that I had not yet made Oliver's appointment for his one year check-up. So, CHECK! I did it. 3:30pm. Then cleaned up the kitchen some, got a shower in, lunch, put Oliver down for nap, did laundry, made grocery list...gee when I list it out like that it actually looks like I was busy. I was excited when I went grocery shopping since I only spent $53 for the week. YAY! I'll never understand how there are people on food stamps saying they have a hard time feeding a family of 4 on $500 when I feed 5 on usually $450 or less (and that includes buying diapers and formula). If I can budget and do it, surely they can. After the grocery, it was time for the doctor. Oliver weighed in at 20lbs 8oz, putting him in the 25th percentile for his weight. This was a huge improvement since at 6 months old, he was on the verge of being too underweight. He also ended up being 31in long! He is so tall! For height he was in the 75th percentile. Tall and Daddy. Everything was going along fine until the nurse brought in the shots. He looked her hand...looked at the nurse...back to hand....then got a really bad look on his face. First shot went in....commence screaming. And he also started wiggling really badly so I was having to hold him down and listen to his screaming. By the time the second shot was in, I was crying too. It was a really horrible experience for me (and I'm assuming for him as well). I really don't think I can do that again. Next time Charles is definitely going to have to take him. After we got home (screaming all the way) he wanted to play and ended up falling face first onto the hardwood floor. Poor thing. More crying...and finally he fell asleep in my lap and took a nap. It was definitely rough.

I have also been doing some thinking about my new venture. Since everything I do has layers, my mom suggested using a synonym for layers like stratum in my company name. I will have to do some more thinking but I really like it. I'll have to play with it some and see what I come up with.

Now that I took so long to finish this its December 30th. Two more days until the new year. That is all for now. Hopefully this day will be uneventful.


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